i SEE YOU...

You love your business, but it’s starting to consume you (like I consume cookies!). You started your own business for freedom, but all of the filming and recording tasks on your plate mean you’re spending more time with your laptop than enjoying the time and financial freedom you want to experience!

I understand this desire as an entrepreneur + digital nomad myself. I’m always striving to reach the perfect balance between my work + travel! I know that you’re here to forge your own path and not settle into the familiar societal norms of life. You’re on the go, and your schedule doesn’t fit into the typical weekday 9-5 model. What you need is to work smarter… not harder.


I want to embark on this next stage of your journey with you! Let me take the strain off your shoulders so that you and your business can grow, become more productive, and have more time to pursue your passion for travel, pet cuddles, or Target shopping hauls.   (How did THAT get in my shopping cart???)

I offer YouTube and Podcast Management packages to support you where you’re at, but if you can’t find the perfect one for you, I highly recommend my custom packages on The Cookie Tray. Simply select the number of hours of work per month you’d like, and choose 1-2 services off the tray to create your own unique cookie tray!


You’re feeling overwhelmed and overburdened by recording content for your Youtube channel or podcast and are craving next level support.


You’re really lacking the time and energy to manage your Youtube channel or podcast, let alone find time to optimize or edit content!


You’re ready and willing to do what it takes to make your business the best it can be for you


You have tons of excellent ideas, but struggle with actually executing them


You’re looking for someone who will take the time to truly understand and respect your unique needs


You love cats! What? Cats are majestic CREATURES!

Are we a Match?

First off, I understand that it can be scary to entrust your business to someone else - that’s never easy. That’s why I really felt called to become a VA…

I really love working with like-minded, passionate travelers like myself. But I’m a business owner too, meaning I get how scary it is to bring someone new into the fold.

Maybe you’ve never worked with a VA before…
Perhaps you’ve never even hired anyone for your business before…
Or maybe (*cringe*) you had a pretty crappy experience in the past...

... What I can promise is a friendly, personable and safe space. I know it’s scary to entrust your business to someone new! 

My Approach

let's chat!



Individual videos

Have the occasional video that needs edited? This is the offer for you! Simply film your video, upload to your shared folder in our shared Google Drive folder, and I’ll take care of the rest.

Once you sign on, I’ll send a brief questionnaire your way to make sure your video showcases your brand and your business.

Each project includes...
• One 1-hour strategy call
• Creation of shared GDrive folder 
• 1 round of revision
• Unlimited cuts
• Adding in of creative elements like:
    - B-roll
    - Transitions
• Email & Slack support for the duration of your project

Investment begins at $40 USD per hour


video podcasts

YouTube is one of the most popular ways to watch/ listen to podcasts.

Get your full length video podcast episodes edited for YouTube.  I will remove hesitation words (um, uh) and long pauses.  Your fully edited video will can be edited into one full-length episode or into short clips, showing the highlights from your episode.

Each project includes...
• One 1-hour strategy call
• Creation of shared GDrive folder
• 1 round of revision
• Unlimited cuts
• Adding in of creative elements like:
    - B-roll
    - Transitions
    - Branding (logos, brand colors, etc.)
• Email & Slack support

Investment begins at $40 USD per hour

This is exACTLY

Video is one of the best ways for you to build that all important Know. Like. Trust. factor with your audience.  Whether you're just getting started or are an experienced video star, I have an offer you can't refuse.  (wink wink, get it?)


YouTube Management

Kickstart: Youtube

You’re ready to take your content to new heights with YouTube, and you know you’re gonna need the support to get you there! Because starting and maintaining a YouTube channel takes time and patience. Sit back and watch your business grow by outsourcing your channel totally to me. 

The Kickstart includes...
• one 1-hour strategy call
• Full channel set-up (includes channel art creation, connection of SM, & Channel Description)
• Full editing + upload of your first 3 videos (up to 20 minutes in length)
• Keyword research + creation of full video descriptions for each new video
• 1 Full month of regular channel management
• Email + Slack support for 1 month

Starting at $997 USD

I’m ready for
my close up!

Skyrocket: full youtube management

Just dipping your toes into the YouTube pool for the first time? I’ll help you dive in with confidence. All you need is to handle recording + sending me your content, and the rest you can leave with me to get you all set up! 

Full Management includes...
• one 1-hour strategy call
• Full channel Setup  *available if needed
• Full editing + upload of 4 videos per month (up to 20 minutes each)
• Keyword research + creation of full video descriptions for each new video
• Channel Management
• Email + Slack support

Starting at $697 USD per month

Did I Just Become a Vlogger?

YouTube is a great arena to enter and take your content to new levels. With our audiences’ attention spans lower than ever, video is a great way to keep their attention (especially when appropriately edited!). YouTube isn’t just a place for funny videos anymore… entrepreneurs know that they can rely on YouTube for education too, which drives them there!

YouTube strategy

Whether you're just getting started on YouTube or you’ve got the basics down, We all need support once in a while. Now you’re ready to take your channel to the next level. Que bueno! During your strategy call we’ll talk about whatever you need support with.

Let's get started!

What's included...
• 60 minute strategy call
• Customized notes on how you can optimize your channel
• Recording of our call for your reference
• Slack support for 1 week after our call (optional)

Investment starting at $297 USD


Custom VA Support Packages

shortbread cookie

• 10 hours of VA support per month
• 2 services of your choice off of The Cookie Tray
• an initial 1-hour strategy call
• weekly check-ins via Slack

Investment starting at $400 per month

I'll take some shortbread!

chunky choco cookie

• 15 hours of VA support per month
• 2 services of your choice off of The Cookie Tray
• an initial 1-hour strategy call
• weekly check-ins via Slack

Investment Starting at $600 per month

chocolate plz!

Don’t see what you’re craving in the content + Youtube packages? I get it! I’m not about fitting you into a cookie-cutter - you deserve to find your own perfect treat! That’s why I created the Cookie Tray! The Cookie Tray allows you to create your own custom package based on the number of services and monthly hours you’d like support!

Begin by selecting which ‘cookie’ you’d like (for your retainer duration + size), then pick the pieces off of the Cookie Tray you’d like to taste!

The Cookie Tray

Video &

• Video Podcast Editing
• Presentation updates
• YouTube Video Editing
• YouTube graphics
   - Thumbnails
   - End Screens
   - Channel Art/ Banner


• Data entry
• Client onboarding
• Community management


• Travel guide research
• Product research

Fresh and hot out of the oven, soft and chewy (who likes crunchy cookies anyway?) and ready to serve!

Select your items off the tray based on your own taste!

Working with Amanda lifted a huge weight off my shoulders! I was stressed and overworked so being able to delegate some tasks helped me reorganize my processes. I felt less overwhelmed and found more time to work on other projects!

Dom H

"I’ve really appreciated how adaptable and flexible Amanda has been as my Virtual Assistant. She has been easy to work with and has gone above and beyond for me, even after we finished working together."

Olivia P.

"When you hire Amanda, you DO NOT have to worry about that. She’s responsive, intuitive, conscientious, polite, hardworking, and fair. She takes direction well and runs with it.

Whitney R.

"...Amanda saved me valuable time, and her dependability, work ethic and excellent communication skills tremendously reduced my stress as I prepared to launch a new site. I highly recommend working with Amanda!"

Cate B.


You can get 15 hours of your life back this month. All it takes is the                   .

first step

Okay, I'm in.